Ceramics and Porcelain

Ceramic Tile Options

Modern décor has come full circle, and hardwood flooring has come back into style. Homeowners love it because it is easy to clean, and it can be sanded down and refinished when it wears out. This makes it a durable asset in the flooring world, but there are still some homeowners who want a product that will last longer. This is one of the areas where ceramics have advanced, and they are now being created to mimic hardwood flooring without any of the drawbacks.

While modern hardwood has become easier to maintain, it still has a limited wear life. Areas where the traffic is heavy tend to wear down quicker, and the boards may need replacement in only a few years. Water is also an issue with hardwood, and many decorators cannot guarantee the floor will handle a spill that sits without causing damage. Ceramic tiles wear longer, and they can stand up to heavy traffic as well as liquid spills. They come in a variety of colors and styles that look exactly like hardwood flooring once they are installed.

Any floor that is expected to last for decades requires secure sub-flooring, and ceramics do require heavier boards underneath them. Unlike hardwood, ceramics will break if they are forced to bend too much. This is the reason they have stricter requirements for installation, and it does add to the cost. They are also more expensive than hardwood, but they will return the investment with a much greater wear life and low maintenance.

There are few people who want to resist the beauty of modern flooring, and today’s ceramics manufacturers have helped make the choices easier. Rather than choosing between ceramic tiles and hardwood, the durability and lack of maintenance in ceramics is now combined with the charm and looks of hardwood.