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Whether choosing a set of dishes or flooring for the home, two popular materials these days are ceramic and porcelain. Both begin as lumps of clay, but there are differences in the mixture of the clay as well as the firing. Each one is a hardy material that will hold up fairly well in many conditions. Knowing the difference in these materials is a good idea as it may affect the choice of which one to use.

Ceramics are created using a fine grained clay mixture. This clay is molded into the form needed and fired. Firing temperature for ceramics is 2124 to 2264 degrees Fahrenheit (1162-1240 Celsius). Porcelain is often more expensive than regular ceramics. This is because the clay is even finer grained and contains a large amount of kaolin. The firing temperature for porcelain ranges from 2381 to 2455 degrees Fahrenheit (1305-1346 Celsius). The finer grain and higher firing temperature make it more durable and less prone to staining.